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⚓ Fascinating Voyage meet & greet with Dandy Wellington on Zoom

Broadcast on the 23rd & group Zoom on the 30th

by Vintage Reporter

Now that the new year is upon us, we’re excited to dig into individual planning for each crossing. Each week at sea will be unique, shaped by our passengers and of course by the wonderful artists who will star on each voyage.

There are two upcoming events:

Sunday, January 23rd – Dandy Wellington Broadcast

First, Dandy Wellington will be doing a live broadcast about the crossing at 12pm NYC on Sunday, January 23rd. You can tune in by watching Dandy’s YouTube channel. (Be sure to hit “subscribe” while you’re over there!)

👉 Dandy’s YouTube channel

 Sunday, January 30th – Interactive Zoom with Dandy

The following week, Dandy is inviting everyone to join a Zoom meet, greet, and info session on Sunday, January 30th at 12pm NYC. Join him!

Whether you’re already booked for the Fascinating Voyage (October 18, 2022), or even the least bit curious about it, join him for an interactive session on Zoom.

It will be informative and a lot of fun including vintage cruisers from all over the world. Get to know some of the people who have already booked and learn more about what you can expect on this trip of a lifetime! RSVP NOW.

The Zoom will take place at 12pm NYC. Check your local timezone and RSVP for the Zoom link.